oh damn…

is it annoying.

the cough, that is.? i have medicines tho and it’s going to go away, damnit.? soup was very very good.

there’s been much cuteness today.? let’s face it, gage is the embodiment of cute.? seriously. this morning when he was about to get on the bus i told him he’s such a good boy.? he said “ya mama, i am.”? since he’s been home from school he’s just bee cheerful and happy and dancing and singing.? so very cute.? and i love it.? he also picked out the shirt he wore to school today and put it on all by himself.? it was backwards, and he wouldn’t let me fix it, but hey he did it.? i didn’t get any phone calls from the school, so i’ guessing no one minded that his shirt was on backwards.? it’s an old navy hockey jersey.? he actually just put it back on (he was wearing a t-shirt after his bath earlier).? now it’s on right.

i’ve been feeling a little off lately.? not the cold, which has been bad enough… been nauseous almost constantly for the past 2 weeks or so.? headaches come easier than usual… and my blood sugar is out of whack.? even eating regularly, this past week i have a bit of a crash about once a day.? it’s really weird.

in other health news… desperately in need of ear candle use.? especially my left ear.? damn.

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