to medicate or not to medicate… that is the question

gage, that is.

i’ve been wondering about it for awhile.? drug therapy with autistic kids has been shown to help with focus which enables them to learn better.? we had a meeting recently with someone working on the special ed program for the elementary school… she’s affiiated w/ jfk and works with autistic kids, so she had some good insight.

one of hte kids she’s worked with who was put on the drug she recommended we look into apparently told her it “takes the edge off” and made the analogy that before it was like there was a volcano in his head that was about to explode, and the meds helped that go away, so he could focus on things like communication.

i’m not saying i want my son to spend the rest of his life on meds, but that IS a possible reality.

yeah, there are all these other non-drug therapies, but most of them need basic verbal communication in order to be effective. i’m pretty sure gage understands some verbal communication.? he just can’t express himself verbally.

and i’m starting to wonder if he has some reading skills already. ? it was discussed at the meeting, actually… and i know sometimes he’ll pull out his dr seuss’s abc’s book and point to the words on the cover and say “dr. seuss’s a b c” but i wasn’t sure that he hadn’t just memorized it when someone else read it to him.

the other day he started alice in wonderland in his dvd player… he’s figured out how to arrow up and down on the menus and press enter to make a selection.? i watched him go to the bonus features page, then he arrowed down several, stopped and arrowed back up one to a sing along song.? then when it went back to the menu he did the same thing and selected a game.

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2 Responses to “to medicate or not to medicate… that is the question”

  1. I have worked wiht autistic children for over 5 years now and what you are talking about is one of the hardest questions we need to address, it is especially hard for the parents of course.

    I have seen both sides of it, kids that are doing very well after getting medicated and others that got to heavily medicated that it got the wrong effect. I am currently helping a parent out with getting her son of some meds, so we are doing some research together with a specialist doctor to start all over again, because he is not responding well to the meds at all and he have had them for like 3 years. That is crazy.

    Good luck with your decision, I am sure it will work out well.


  2. Don’t neglect to fix your comment function, a little something weird has been up and running on lately.