they must be running short on recruits… the mormons, that is.? for one, it’s been about a year since any came knocking on my door.? prior to that i was getting visits once every few months.? and todays pair behaved like they’d never done this before.? which wouldn’t be odd if they weren’t both wearing tags that indicated them to be elders.? one of them said nothing… he reminded me of the devil’s silent companion.? the other one just kept saying “i prayed to god and he gave me the answer.”? over and over again.? they both seemed so nervous.? i just couldn’t bring myself to bring them to their knees.

huh, and they didn’t ask if there was anything they could do for me before they left.

maybe someone hijacked the actual mormon elders who were supposed to be coming to my door and stole their book of mormon and nametags and it’s an elaborate ploy to get into people’s houses to rape and pillage.? LOL

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