music has always been a huge part of my life… it’s one of my greatest passions, singing has always been one of my fondest dreams… i’ve been thinking a lot lately about favorite singers… for whatever reason.

  • rogue (cruxshadows) — there’s something about his voice that i have loved since the first time i heard marilyn my bitterness. there’s just something about it that moves me.
  • sebastian bach (skid row) — he’s got one of the most powerful voices from his genre… it’s always given me chills and excited me.
  • meatloaf — i love the theatrical power of his voice. i always have.
  • pat benatar — love the raw power of her voice.
  • martina mcbride — she’s country music’s pat benatar
  • bret michaels (poison) — he doesn’t have an incredibly astonishing voice… but something about the way he sings has always appealed to me.
  • prince — the best for last… his voice is the epitome of sexy. it can be moving, passionate, playful, lustful. i’m not sure any artist has ever been able to create so many different moods with just the power of his voice.

woody and i have talked for years about doing this acoustic thing… guitar and vocals… i mentioned it recently, that we could do that if he can’t find a new gig.? he seemed receptive to the idea.? i’d love it, myself.

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