takin a break…

cleaning the kitchen. full scrubdown kind of cleaning. not that it’s in bad shape or anything, it’s just tedious. i should put on some music when i get back to it. i’ve been listening to the rocky horror show soundtrack a lot lately. i’d love to be in a production of it someday. the song once in awhile never fails to make me cry…

Once in a while she don’t want to call you
Speaking on the telephone
And once in your life she won’t want to know you
You look around, the one you found she is gone

And that’s all the time that it takes
For a heart to turn to stone
The sweeter the wine the harder to make the break
You hear something about someone you thought you’d known


So baby don’t cry like there’s no tomorrow
After the night there’s brand new day
And there’ll be no pain and no more sorrow
So wash your face and phone my place, it’ll be okay.


And that’s all the time that it takes
For a heart to beat again
So give me a sign that a lover makes
You look around, the one you found is back again…

there’s a beeping sound. i keep hearing it. dunno what the fuck it is but it’s irritating me. i’ll have to go looking for it in a bit

went grocery shopping last night. it was good. fun. i love to grocery shop, especially w/ woody. he makes me laugh, and it’s always a good time. i think a big part of that is because we share a passion for cooking and food. there are times when we’re discussing cooking, recipes, etc… and we’re so in synch, we bounce ideas off of each other and come up with something phenomenal and delicious.

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