Aaron is coming over tonight.? It’ll be nice to see him again.? It’s been quite awhile, after all.? Haven’t seen him since that Memorial Day party before I moved out here.

Hoping to hook up with Rob and play some more Magic: The Gathering online with him this weekend or something.? That’d be fun.? It’s funny because the systems chat eliminates naughty words.? Doesn’t put symbols in their place or anything.? They just don’t show up.? So when I want to tell him I have the “Fuck you, I win” card, it tends to come out looking like: I have the ? ? ? you, I win card.? Which is funny, but not nearly as effective.? So we say smurf.? As in “I have the smurf you, I win card” or “you smurf!” or “smurfin deck is stacked against me.”? Which makes it even funnier, to be honest.

Gage keeps turning the living room light off and on.? He likes watching the fan stop and go.? It’s kinda funny, actually.

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