looks like Gage likes it…

He put the hood to his costume on a little while ago and was walking around with it on.? Very cute, I must say.? It fits pretty good, although it looks a little odd with his Avalanche jersey, lol.? Once I get the bottom hem on the shirt done, he can start wearing the shirt and pants to school and stuff, too.? Which will be nice.

Had a groovy chat with Rob today.? It was nice having a friend to talk to, that’s for sure.? I miss having that regularly, but I’ll take occasionally over never.

I’ve been reading this book by Jack Higgins, Dark Justice.? It’s pretty slow so far.? I’m giving it another 50 pages to grab my attention then I’m moving on.? My “They made that into a movie” bookbox arrived home about a week ago, so I’ve got some interesting stuff in there to read.? Some I’ve already read, so I’ll find places to release those.? Some I haven’t read but would really like to, like Chocolat and Little Women.

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