Toothpain – YIKES!

Nobody like tooth pain. As a matter of fact, I’m of the mind that tooth and foot pain are the worst kinds there are. Especially bad is tooth pain from a broken tooth, lost filling or broken crown. Can you imagine? I can, I’ve had it happen. True story, I was eating a pack of now & laters candy. Why? Because my mom kept telling me not to. “You’ll rip your filling out” were her exact words, I kid you not. Most kids I knew just put them in their mouths and sucked on them. Not me, I had to chew. I couldn’t resist the impulse, actually. Sure enough, mom was right. I ripped out one of my fillings. YOWZA! That was pain like I have never imagined in my life. Teeth are living things and don’t like to be hurt any more than fingers, let me tell you. I got a hearty “I told you so” from mom when I showed her the filling in the candy, and then I had to wait 2 weeks (in pain, no less) before the dentist could see me and replace the filling. Having a product like Dentemp OS around back then would have been helpful. It’s a dental repair compound that can be used to replace lost fillings and temporarily cement loose crowns. The tooth that I ripped the filling out of eventually had to receive a root canal. I wonder if it could have been prevented if I’d had some kind of temporary dental repair when the filling came out. After all, we’re talking about 2 weeks with a gaping hole in my tooth and no decline in the amount of sugar I consumed. Even 2 good brushings a day couldn’t prevent all the sugar damage that the tooth probably received.

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