*le sigh*

Browsed the classifieds today.? Marked all the possibles and looked up the locations.? All too far.? I wish they put addresses in the classifieds.? That would make things easier.? I tried to make sense of the bus system here, and I’m confuzzled.? I know “it’s just a bus system,” but it really makes no sense to me.

In other news, I just need to make the wings for Gage’s Halloween costume.? I’ll probably start gluing later today.? Gonna glue layers of newspaper together to make the wings out of, with some wire to support.? Then I have some black crepe fabric that I can stitch over that to make em black.? I wanna get some of those glowing neckaces to glue to the wings for the bones, or some glow in the dark paint to just paint the lines.

Tiger almost jumped over the fence the other day.? Him and the neighbors dog (a GORGEOUS German Shepherd) keep trying to get at each other.? On one hand it’s kind of amusing.? On the other hand, it’s a little frustrating.

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