oy and bleh

Whatever it is that Gage has… he’s given it to me.? I spent half of yesterday unable to hold anything down.? It ain’t fun.? Gage is still throwing up, but not as much as he was.? That’s a good thing.? So I feel like complete and utter crap.? It’s all very unpleasant.? I’m feeling a little better than yesterday, which is good.? Yesterday, I was so thirsty, but everythign I drank came back up.? But I couldn’t not drink something.? I tried water, plain tea, tea with honey, wild berry zinger tea with nothing in it, kool ade…. the only thing I didn’t try drinking to satisfy my thirst was milk — I’m pretty sure that milk would have come right back up anyway.

A little brightness yesterday, I got a pretty surprise from one of my best friends.? Carrie sent me a little boquet of flowers in a vase.? Lavendar roses with somepretty pink flowers, I’m not sure what they are.? But it definitely made me smile and made me feel loved.? It’s been awhile since I felt that way.? Now I just have to keep the cats from eating them.? I’ve been successful so far.? I had to push them away from them a few times yesterday, and when I went to bed I hid them.? I keep thinking maybe when I go to bed I should put them in the fridge, but I don’t want to accidentally kill them that way.?

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