Making changes…

Well, Gage and I are getting ready to move.? I’m of mixed emotions about it I must admit.? Because the move requires a LOT of paring down, I’m getting rid of a lot of things.? Selling or throwing them away.? I have to admit that it was difficult at first, but now every trip to the dumpster with another trash can of stuff I never really needed to keep holding onto in the first place is very freeing.? It’s like therapy.? I’m letting go, cleansing if you will.? It’s very much like therapy.? I’ll be honest, since I started this process I’ve been less stressed and thinking more clearly than I have in months.

Of course I do have boxes and stuff set aside? that’s Woody’s? and things that I think he’d like to keep.? There are those who would say that I’m way to nice.

Having a moving sale this week as well.? Should be interesting, watching some of the bigger things go away.? I’ll miss my TV.? I might cry over that.? It’s so perfect for watching hockey games.? Which is really why we got the thing in the first place.? I want to have everything I’m taking with us (or almost everything) packed up before the moving sale starts.? I also need to scrub down the couch tonight, which should be fun.

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One Response to “Making changes…”

  1. Good luck on the move!