christmas presents… christmas tree…

Well, we got the tree up.? It’s pretty.? I did my tinsel-butt chicken walk.? I haven’t done it in years… but it’s always good for a laugh.? It started when we lived in California.? I started doing this chicken walk all around, with my butt sticking out.? Apparently, there was tinsel on my butt.? It cracked everyone up.? So I ceremoniously stick a bit of tinsel on my butt and did the walk.? It was fun.? Gage wasn’t interested in helping, but he does like looking at the tree now that it’s up.? Kalina helped put a few ornaments and added tinsel.? She kept calling it happy.? So we started calling it happy.? I got some on my feet and said “look, happy feet!”? I also tossed a bunch of tinsel on Sisser.? I was trying to make her happy.? It didn’t work, she’s still grouchy.

We also baked chocolate chip and lekvare cookies.? We need to get an extra extension chord so we can plug the record player back in.? The record player is necessary for playing the Elvis, Brenda Lee, Conway Twitty and Chipmunk Christmas albums.? They’re necessary.

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