A helping hand…

When I was with my ex, my credit was pretty much destroyed. It’s not entirely his fault, I was a bit of a pushover then, and I let him convince me (often) that I should just charge whatever it was he wanted. Even when I couldn’t afford it. Of course, when it came time to pay those credit card bills and stuff, he had nothing to contribute or they weren’t his responsibility. It wasn’t a good situation and almost 10 years later I’m still hearing from those bill collectors, because I still haven’t landed entirely on my feet in that regard. I’m working on rebuilding my credit though. I got a few credit cards that cater to people with bad credit, and I’m getting info on bad credit loans to help me pay off a few things and get back on the right track financially speaking. It’s important, I want to own a house and buy a new car someday. I’m not very likely to get financing with bad credit, so we rebuild.

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