Picture of the week

Gage and the treeIt’s been awhile, but I’m back in the saddle.? Now that I have batteries for the regular digital camera, and I have more stuff to take pictures of.? Since we decorated the Christmas tree at mom’s yesterday, I was going to just post a picture of the tree.? But then Gage took notice of the tree.? He spent a couple of hours yesterday just sitting in that chair and looking at the tree.? He hasnt’ tried to take anything off of it, or to pull it down or anything.? He’s just fascinated with looking at it.? It does sparkle oh so prettily.? Everytime we move that chair away from the tree, he puts it right back where it was and climbs up and looks.? I’ve never seen him quite so fascinated with the tree, but then, he’s never seen a tree quite like this.? There are all kinds of ornaments, the few glass ornaments we put on it are at the top so small hands can’t pull them off.? There are also a few moving ornaments on the tree (the kind that plug into the light string).? It’s a cute picture though.? I would have liked a little more light, just enough to help the camera focus on Gage but not wash out the lights.? I used the “available light” setting on the camera.? The only problem with that setting is that the camera and the subject must remain perfectly still.

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