just chillin…

Gage has pink eye, so he didnt’ go to school today.? He watched Mulan and is playing with mom’s Christmas thingies.? It’s? cold as hell outside.? Not snowing cold, but cold nonetheless.? I wrapped all of the stuff that still needed wrapped.? Finally finished the cross stitch project I was doing for Mimi and Mike last night, so I wrapped that.? Mom said to take my time with hers… good.? It’s going to take awhile.? It’s more complicated than anything I’ve ever done.? It should be interesting, to say the least.

I was playing with Lucky earlier.? He’s definitely slowed down a bit.? He’s gotten older… getting old I guess.? He’s about 12 years old these days.? Not sure what to make of Gage, either.? He seems to like him, but Gage scares him from time to time by trying to jump or sit on him.? It’s ok, Lucky will get used to it.? He loves to play, and once Gage starts playing with him the way he likes to play, he’ll adore him and put up with more stuffs.? Gage has to learn not to bother his feet, too.? Lucky is not fond of his feet being touched for some reason.? I noticed that yesterday, when it was wet, Lucky was limping around a little bit.? I guess he’s got a touch of the arthritis.? It’s sad to see, but I guess it happens.

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