going good…

Gage has been doing pretty good in school, he’s enjoying going in and seems to like his teacher and his class.? I’ve talked to his teacher and she seems great.? The class focuses on the applied behavior analysis technique, which I’ve heard a lot of good things about.? As a matter of fact, I remember seeing a kid interviewed on The View earlier this year who had been treated using that technique and was living a very normal life.? I think it’ll help Gage quite a bit.? He’s already said a few more words and done more repeating — Joe asked him “how are you?” last night and he repeated it and when Joe said “I am good.” Gage said “Are you good?” followed by “I am good.”? It seems like there’s already been some progress, which is nice.? He’s sleeping good and seems to be getting accustomed to the new people.? He even stopped pushing Kalina, although Tammy was told by someone who works with Autistic kids that that’s often a way of acknowledging other peoples presence and showing affection.? But he does still pat her on the back and sit with her when they watch a movie together.

Joe is gonna help me get some computer stuff as far as job training goes.? Licensing certification and stuff like that, which he says I could quite easily? do and make a good amount of money at.? Some other training, too, like share point and some other stuff that I forget the name of.

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