Natural Medicine

Iíve always been a big fan of natural medicine. In my experience there are fewer side effects and bad flavors from natural or alternative medicine. Personally, Iíve used it to treat bronchial issues, colds, and stuff like that. But it can be used to treat more serious conditions Ė I know people who use natural medicine to help control their diabetes or to help ensure that theyíre getting good nutrition. is a nice place for those who are fond of natural medicine Ė itís an alternative medicine forum where you can discuss alternative medicine options and information. There are a number of forums on the site, categorized by whatever it is that you want to discuss on the subject. A good set up for finding the information you want or getting advice from people who have tried and true natural medicine remedies and techniques. Checking out the site, I found a lot of good information that I didnít know before, I even think that some of the stuff on the forum could help me control my hypoglycemia. So if youíre interested in learning more or giving natural medicine a try, itís worth the time to check out the forum and asking a few questions.

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