Pictures of the week…

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I decided to do 3 pictures of the week this week. I’m probably a little late, and I’m sorry about that if you’re keeping score. These are Gage and my niece Kalina playing with the dogs. The dogs are Tonka and Shelby — my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mark’s dogs. Tonka is a Lab/Husky mix and Shelby is a Lab/Doberman mix and they are gorgeous. When they came over, Gage and Kalina went wild. They were in hog heaven, running around chasing the dogs and playing with them. Gage laid down with them several times and just cuddled.? I almost got a picture of the two of them trying to “herd” the dogs out of the foyer one night, but just missed it.? Imagine if you will though… These kids aren’t tall.? 2 1/2 to 3 feet or so tall and the dogs are pretty damn tall themselves.? It was a funny site.? Kalina is cuddling with Tonka in the one picture, and the dog in the foreground of one of the others is Shelby.

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