This chapter is called… “Drinks with a good friend.”

Actually, it was just one drink but it was very nice.? It was a nice unwind with a nice conversation.? Actually the conversation involved more venting than what most people consider a nice conversation, but that’s beside the point.? The point of the story is that a drink with a good friend has such amazing power.? It doesn’t matter what you talk about, or even what you drink.? You could be drinking hot tea or long island iced tea, don’t matter one bit.? The conversation doesn’t matter either.? It could be insanely mundane or so steamy that the people who are just outside of earshot lean in to eavesdrop on what you’re talking about… Hell, you could sit silently and sip your tea and that be how you spent having a drink with a friend.? It’s about the company.? Being in the company of someone you’re comfortable with, and just enjoying it.? Yeah.? That’s the good stuff folks.? Drinks with a good friend has the power to unwind you, to release all of the tension into the wind… to make the bad go away (for awhile, at least).? It’s got the power to bring a smile to a scowling face and a feeling of ease and contentment to a tormented mind or soul.? Find a friend who needs it and go have a drink with them.

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