Are you F-ing kidding me?

Seriously?? Ok people, what happened to courtesy?? Has it gone out the window?? Is it buried with Michael Jackson?? What?

Here’s the deal.? Today at work, I was the attendant at the self check out.? Not a bad gig, you’re more free to move around and you can do more to assist a customer with a question than just say “They can probably help you at the courtesy desk.”? ? Every so often, when it gets busy, they send me over to a register to take a few customers and keep the lines down then it’s right back to self checkout.? The light that says “hey this cashier is open” isn’t even turned on unless we’re REALLY busy and they need me to stay there for more than 10 minutes.

So today, I was put on a register to take exactly ONE customer.? A customer with a very large order, which would hold up and cause delays in any other line, but since I wasn’t actually open or taking other customers it wouldn’t matter.? I’m getting to the end of this person’s order, placing items in the bag with my back to where the line is and when I turn around there’s not one, but TWO more people unloading their carts at the register.? I check to verify that the light is in fact off… it was.? I finish with the one person that I was supposed to ring up and figure I might as well take these other two customers.? So I start ringing up the first lady… who decides to inform me that we shouldn’t let people with more than 20 items go through the express lane.? I’ll grant her that, especially since the register they put me on was the lane closest to the self check out, where I could still monitor, and that lane happens to be an express lane.? Of course… I wasn’t open, so there SHOULDN’T have been any customers to be upset by this.? But this woman took it upon herself to let me know how bothered by it she was.? So I told her “Well ma’am, this register was only opened to ring up that one customer, who would have caused a big delay in the line at any other register.? I’m monitoring the self checkout and this register isn’t technically open.” To which she responded something along the lines of “well does that mean if I wanted to take a cart full of groceries through express I could?”? I told her no.? Because the register that rang up that cart full of groceries was and still is closed.? She continued to argue that it wasn’t right and that no one should be allowed to take more than 20 items through the express.? So I said “Ma’am, I don’t know that this register qualifies as express, since it’s closed.”? Wouldn’t you know it, by the time I finished bagging her stuff, more people got in line… while my back was turned.? Each time I made a point to give them a raised eyebrow and glance up at my light.? After that, I started taking a tally.? Minus the people that were directed to the register I was at, and the people I told to come into my line, I had 45 people jump in my line today.? While the light was OFF.? Not a single one was courteous enough to ask if I was open.? I even had one who came up as I was leaving the register and say “Don’t go anywhere, here I come.”? I told her I was closed because I had to get back to my station.? She wasn’t thrilled by that, but I really don’t give a fuck.

People please, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which lanes are open or closed at the grocery store.? And just because there’s someone standing there doesn’t mean that it’s open.? Hell, I had people line up when I went from the self check out to the nearest register to use the hand sanitizer dispenser at the register.? And while you’re shopping, buy some fucking patience.? If I have to hear one more person ask if another register can be opened because there’s 1 person being rung up at express and 1 person being rung up at the “bring as many items as you want” lane, with nobody behind them, I’m gonna scream.? If you’re in that big a hurry, I suggest learning to use the self check out (which is usually completely empty when people pull this bullshit).? You’re not so important that a store must rearrange it’s employees to serve you immediately.? Wait the 2 minutes that it will take for the person in front of you to be done and be happy that it wasn’t 10 people in front of you.

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