a little of the random…

For starters, I’m starting to think my buddy Andrew’s got the right idea.? I’d like to be immune from the registers.? Maybe there’s something opening in bakery or something.? Seriously.? I love my job but it gets annoying sometimes.? Like when you’re yelled at to stop chatting with a co-worker by someone who has done nothing BUT chat with co-workers all day, often ignoring customers in the process (which I have NEVER done).? Yeah, that’s annoying.? Or when you have a customer come up to the SELF checkout in one of those courtesy mobile carts that informs you that “I don’t know how to use this machine, so you have to ring me up here.”? Before standing up and walking over to the lottery machine to get their lottery tickets.? Can you say “Wow,? stupid AND lazy?”? I can.? Loud enough for them to hear me at courtesy, as a matter of fact.? But he was so self absorbed I’m sure he had no idea I was talking about him.

Halloween approacheth.? I’m contemplating 2 costumes for Gage.? Either a pirate or an engineer (as in train).? Depends on which one I find a cuter costume pattern for, I think.

And then we come to MY Halloween costume.? I simply can’t decide.? On the one hand there’s Dr. Shots who, by all opinions I’ve gotten so far, would be the hit of the party.? Particular if I have a generous supply of, well… shots to go around.? The other one is the Trophy Rack, which isn’t so much a costume as it is humor.? It’s highly humorous, actually, and I think it would be quite fitting.? But I also think it’s a little tighter than I’m prepared to be wearing without a body shaper underneath.? I’m still weighing the pros and cons, but I think I’m leaning more towards Dr. Shots at this point.

I think that’s it for the moment.

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