people can be so f-ing rude, you know that?? I mean, seriously.? There’s no reason to be rude to the people at the grocery store, particularly the people who work there.? I just don’t understand the need.? Really.? A little smile, a please or thank you.? Yeah, it’s my job to ring up and bag your crap, but it is not in my job description to take your crap.? Don’t tell me to put it all in one bag, then bitch that I packed it too heavy and get snarky with me.? You’re the moron who asked me to put it all in one bag.? If it’s too heavy, YOU re-bag it, ya dumb shit.? Don’t act like I’ve done something wrong when I did what you asked me to do.? I’m not the idiot who asked for several jars, cans and a half gallon of milk to be bagged together.? I don’t even do that for myself.? But if you ask for it, you get it,

You know what else?? Don’t ask me to pack 2 items inside a paper bag that’s in a plastic bag.? Seriously.? Are you trying to do your best to destroy the planet?? I’m not wasting bags on your dumb ass.? If you want it packed that light, you don’t need double bags — there’s no point.? It’s not like the bottom is going to drop out because there’s an orange and bag of carrots in the frakkin bag.? That shit just pisses me off.

How special you must think you are.? After making your ridiculous demands, you just stand there and watch me bag.? Even better, you throw in comments like “put this in a bag with that.”? Are your arms? broken?? What happened to the concept of “helping?”? Did you forget that little lesson that momma taught you?

? Randall is my hero — “This job would be great if it weren’t for the f-ing customers.”

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