Yay! I got to go visit a friend on Sunday! It was fantastic. I miss him muchly. I should try to go visit him much more often. It was so awesome getting to see him. Loved being able to sit and talk to him. Definitely need to go see him more often.

So we got am new manager at work. She’s driving most of us up a wall. OMG seriously. She’s frakkin crazy. This woman is all super hyper shiny happy people everyday. She’s also got this obsession that there should be no lines. To the point that she’ll create lines at customer service by removing the people from there to put them on registers. The she disappears. After removing the people from customer service and putting the person on podium on register… Thus eliminating all of the people who can do overrides when a cashier needs one. Good job, stupid. Really. And the hyperness is driving me nuts, too. On behalf of insomniacs everywhere… If that bitch is working at 7am on a Saturday with me… I’ll probably punch her in the mouth.

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