Cute little fluffy

Gage loves animals, especially dogs and cats, but he doesn’t interact with them well all the time. One of the perils of having a child with Autism. He’s occasionally afraid, but usually unsure what to expect or do. Which is why books like Tristan Goes for a Walk are a good fit for him. He likes stories about animals, and I like spending time with him while he reads them to me. Kids love fluffy animals, especially cute fluffy white dogs. At least Gage does. Personally, I love that Tristan’s story is dedicated to service dogs at Paws for Healing, and that his mommy is a retired speech and language therapist. Perhaps that’s why the book seems to hav clicked with my sin so well. After all, he does get visits at school from a service dog, and he has speech and language therapy. Perhaps the voice in which it’s written is something a child with Autism (or any young reader) can understand and be comfortable with.

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