oh how time flies…

I reall need to work on posting more regularly. Also would love to do a make over on this blog and make it look a little more interesting. Meh, I’ve not the time or knowledge at the moment, so that shall go into the “to do” pile.

In the time since we last spoke, lovelies, Christmas came and went. A lovely day it was, full of joy and fun. Alas, my little man has finally come to realize that there are often interesting things in those brightly colored packages, and I’m afraid he’s quite enthusiastic about them now. The good news is that his favorite part of the holiday STILL seems to be the Christmas tree. This is a good thing. Also, New Years… weee! I watched a Walking Dead marathon to ring in the new year, and then went to bed. I turned 37 in mid-late January. It was nice. Mom gave me a very nice troll bead bracelet, which is similar to a pandora bracelet, but they’ve been around longer and you can put more styles/brands of beads on them or something like that. The spring semester started, and this is the first time I’ve taken 4 classes at once. It’s interesting, a little more stressful than the last couple of semesters. My spring break is in a couple of weeks, and I’ll use that time to catch up on sleep, LOL. What else is new? I’ve become more active on twitter (@wiccania), though I don’t expect anyone to jump over and follow anymore than I expect anyone to read this blog. Received a fantastic compliment from one of my professors when she accused me of lying about my age. She and the rest of the class though I was 25. Damn I’m good. LOL

and now I’m going back to bed… I snapped awake thinking that the deadline for my biology test was sometime tonight, and I found that I have a few days… thank goodness. I really need to get myself a day planner or something.

In other news, I hope to do this more often. That is all. Good night.

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