So much to update…

I really do need to start posting more regularly. Not that anyone actually reads this, but I feel like a slacker for not posting. Don’t particularly care of y’all read it or not, to be honest.

Now then, where were we? Ah yes, updating. School has been going fantastic. I’m enjoying a bit of a summer break at the moment, classes resume in mid-August (Fall Semester). I passed 2 and tested out of 1 of my prerequisites to college English, which I probably could have done before, but I wanted to have the refresher. I take English 101 in the fall, along with a Math prerequisite. I’ll have 2 culinary classes as well… Foundations of Professional Baking and Garde Manger. Should be fun, I look forward to both. I know that the baking class will definitely be a different teacher than I’ve had before. Garde Manger might actually be taught by one of my previous teachers, which could be cool. I’ve really enjoyed all of my teachers so far… their passion for the subject matter is evident, and that’s important to me. I don’t want to be taught by someone who is disillusioned and tired of the industry, and only wants an easy paycheck. I want to be taught by someone who loves to cook and still has that fire. Books, of course, are gonna be expensive, but I’m searching around and looking for the good deals.

I’ve started dating someone fantastic recently. We’re still in the early stages, 2 months, but it’s fantastic and wonderful and all kinds of awesome. He’s sweet and funny and handsome. He makes me smile, and he understands that there are limitations to my ability to drop everything and spend time with him, and he’s accommodating as can be, in that regard. He makes me feel all kinds of wonderful when we’re together.

Lots of cooking, lots of food. I’m loving it. Practicing techniques and basics that I’ve learned, building on what I’ve been taught and improvising and creating my own versions of some wonderful dishes. I still don’t know what cuisine I liked best from last semester, though lately I’ve had quite the hankerin for Indian, Japanese, Spanish and French. I’m embarking on a bit of a project, for my own personal interest and growth. I’ve also recently had a burst of profound inspiration for the cookbook that I intend to write someday.

July 4th is next week, happy Independence Day (in advance). I need to make a big batch of my barbecue sauce this week, gonna do some canning the weekend after the 4th. I also need to work on another flavor, since there’s an ingredient in my main one that my dad doesn’t care for, and I’d like to make one that he’ll enjoy as well. Have ideas. Good ideas.

Contemplating various inexpensive activities with my little guy over the summer. I dont’ want to laze around the house all the time, and I want to get him more active. Also planning a trip to the beach, it’ll be his first, at some point. Something fun, with a small group of people probably. Also on a mission to lose a little weight this summer, and get a little fitter. Once Gage starts his summer program, I’ll have the time to hit the gym, but when he’s home, I’m getting him involved too.

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