And now to spring…

Yeah, So the last post was about Fall semester just starting… we’re in the spring semester now. I’m so terrible. On the up side, I aced fall semester. 4 classes, 4 A’s. Spring will be more challenging. This semester marks the first time I’m taking a math class online. Statistics. It’s interesting, but part of me misses the interaction and lecture. I think when I move on to things like calculus I’ll take a brick and mortar class. Snow has factored in so far. One of my classes has been cancelled twice, which means we’ve had class once. Must truck on, however. Today, my culinary class was cancelled due to instructor illness. So next week we have a test, plus the lecture we didn’t get last week (it was a sub, she had an event to attend), plus the lecture we didn’t get this week, plus the lecture we’re scheduled to get next week… and we’re supposed to cook a 4 – 6 item menu in the time we have left… should be interesting. I love it, though.

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