who am i?


what, you didn’t get that? it’s a reference from my favorite musical… les miserables. and no, i haven’t seen the movie… you shouldn’t have either.

i’m a mom and i absolutely adore my son more than anything in the world. and i am madly and passionately in love with his daddy… who is not only the love of my life, but the absolute when it comes to sexual compatibility.

i love music, hockey (colorado avalanche), cooking, writing, singing, dancing, going for walks (usually with the dog), reading, meeting new people, taking pictures…

my son was diagnosed in feb 07 with autism, and he is non-verbal, so we’re trying to encourage him to communicate any way we can. PECs has worked well, but we’re attempting sign language now. which appeals to me, since i’ve known sign language since high school and it’s nice to get back into practice. so there’ll probably be a good deal of stuff about that in this blog

i’m in the process of writing a cookbook, so occasionally there will be recipe entries here. feel free to try them and comment. perhaps it goes hand in hand with my love of cooking, but i also love grocery shopping. seriously.

my posts here will range in topics. i don’t claim to be the smartest or wittiest person out there, but i do a damn good job of making my feelings, opinions, etc known.

occasionally i go on “survey” kicks, and you’ll be regaled with a bunch of info about me that you never wanted to know…


this is me. one of my favorite pictures. also one of woody’s favorite pictures of me. it’s a little old. it was taken in 2004, i believe.

if i remember correctly, we were getting ready to go out that night. probably to check out a friends band…

me more recently

this one is more recent… i took this one in march 2007, just because.? i was having fun with the camera, and thought i’d take some new pictures of me.? cute isn’t it?? pigtails are “hawt” i’ve been told.? i think it’s a pain in the ass to put your hair up in pigtails myself, but i thought it’d be funny.? turns out i really dig the picture.? so it worked out, eh?

by the way… i was naked when i took those pictures. LOL

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