It always ends so well…

Ended the semester with A’s in both of my culinary courses and a B and a B+ in my two general education courses. Excellent. Thus far, deans list in every semester. I rock. My final went over well, high praise for my dishes, one in particular. Perhaps at some point I’ll post a picture and the recipe. Perhaps no.

The end of the semester is always bittersweet, especially the spring semester. When fall semester ends, I have but weeks to wait until classes begin again. The end of spring means I have months to wait. I enjoy my classes, I enjoy learning, I enjoy my classmates and my teachers. I have a couple of really great teachers. One in particular, who hasn’t actually taught one of my classes in a couple of semesters, is really special to me. It is, perhaps, trite to say that he’s inspiring… he reality is that he’s much more than that. He’s the kind of teacher who sees the passion in you and stokes it until it’s a raging inferno. He emboldens you, and gives you the courage to experiment with techniques, flavors, ideas… he builds you up while offering the constructive criticism that you need to succeed. All while teaching the foundations of flavor and technique that you need. More than any teacher, he’s the one I don’t want to disappoint, the one I want to stay in touch with after I graduate, and the one I’d most like to work with someday.

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WEEEE! and stuff.

Ok, let’s do a rundown on grades, yes? Yes. Oh yes. B in science, I knew that. Aced my final in English and ended the semester with an A. Pretty sure I’ve already mentioned that. So, Culinary Arts 107… if I didn’t ace my written exam, I’m sure I came damn close. I might have […]

Some grades, sort of…

Got an email from Chef (my Culinary Arts teacher). My written quiz average is 86 and I got 100 on the midterm. Excellent. I also know I’m doing very well as far as grades in the practical portion of the class. Only the written and practical final to go, one week from tonight’s review/practice class. […]

coming fast…

I have my english final on Monday. I really should study or practice writing or something. Seriously. For the life of me, I have no motivation. Instead, what I want to do, is bake cookies and make ornaments and decorate. We have to trim the tree tonight, which will be followed by my annual performance […]

final approach… and DAMN YOU “The Walking Dead” LOL

The finals are coming, the finals are coming. Actually, I took my science final about 3 weeks into the class… it’s an online class, so I really didnt’ ahve to follow anyone else’s timeline on it. English may be a little tricky, but I’m sure I’ll pull out a B at worst, giving me an […]

Silent lucidity…

Or not… I really do need to get back into a rhythm of regular updates… History was passed (A). Currently taking science, English and culinary arts I and passing all 3 with a B or better. The CA class is the best… I get frequent compliments from my instructor, and that’s just awesome! He told […]

Been silent for awhile

Well, the first semester back went very well, all A’s. Excellent. History over the summer, going well. Fall brings culinary arts I among other classes. Looking forward to it. like my blog? buy me a coffee.

An assortment of stuff…

I’ve started school. It’s interesting. Getting into the swing of homework and class and all of that is interesting, but fun. I’m enjoying this. I’m also doing well. Only 3 classes this semester. Two are for my general academic requirements, one is for the culinary requirements. Food safety and sanitation, I’m getting an A so […]

It has begun…

I started food safety and sanitation and accident prevention and intro to cultural anthropology on Friday. I start algebra today. Feels kinda weird being a student again… And cool, of course. And awesome. like my blog? buy me a coffee.

Wow… Just… Wow

I got my servesafe coursebook today. The first book for the first of the culinary requirements and it hit me… This is real. This is happening. Finally. I’m turning one of my greatest passions into a career. In a couple of years, when people ask me what I do… I’ll be able to answer “I’m […]

Stuff done…

So I got my student ID, parking sticker and the syllabus I needed for one of my classes today. Also picked up a notebook, pencils and a pencil pouch that’ll also fit a small calculator. Yay I’m… Excited, nervous… I can’t wait to start! like my blog? buy me a coffee.